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Fingers have been firmly pointed and accusations thrown around BUT...
We only deal in cold hard evidence. However, we do need your help to solve the murder mystery! With every purchase, you'll get a little closer to uncovering the guilty party, the location and weapon.


With every purchase, you will receive a playing card with a clue to solve the crime. You will find an alibi for one of our suspects, a clue to rule out a suspected murder weapon, or a compelling piece of evidence to rule out a location for where the murder took place. Visit us at ACE and CCR where we will be holding certain cards that will be released early to those at the show.
When you receive this information, simply log in to your account and record your clues and evidence in the game section. Each card has a number on the reverse that needs to be input onto the website. Once the card number has been input then the card will turn grey and enable you to make an accusation.
Each card you receive enables you to make an accusation
Your most recent accusation is the one that we will accept when the game is complete.
At the end of the year, we will select all of the correct accusations for a prize draw to win an exclusive holiday with accommodation that can sleep up to 12, with a car, or £5,000 cash prize alternative

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Terms and conditions apply. Springpharm reserve the right to withdraw the offer and prize at any time without prior notice. Prize(s) are subject to change without notice. Prizes are subject to availability and flights. Each accusation will over write the previous. The competition will run over a maximum period of 15 months from January 1st 2019 and will close before 12 midnight on 31st March 2020. Entrants must be a client of Springpharm. A client is defined by any persons or company holding a trading account with Springpharm. Participation in this competition is not available to any employee, friend, relative of Springpharm. Friends or relations of employees of Springpharm are also excluded from participation. We reserve the right to offer a cash alternative of £5,000.00.